This is an interesting building, built a few years ago. From the side it’s shaped like a boat, but as you walk around it shows many interesting angles.

Telstra Clear Event Centre

The centre was opened in 2005 and has won a number of awards

Telstra Clear Event Centre

This is my favourite shot. It shows the sun rising, reflected in the glass. Also you can see reflected the “Pou Kapau” – totem pole.

Pou Kapau

The “Pou Kapua Taonga”, is a significant Maori/Pacific Indigenous┬ácultural arts project. The Pou Kapua, carved from a magnificent ancient Kauri from the forests of the Iwi of Te Rarawa, stands more than seventy feet high, and is the largest totem of its type in the world.

The story of the Pou begins in the sacred house of knowledge, with depictions of our creation and our beliefs throughout. We have carved the journeys of the adventures of our tupuna, and Maori and Polynesian nautical myths, legends and histories of migration to Aotearoa.

Telstra Clear Event Centre

Telstra Clear Event Centre

It contains various facilities, including an arena for sports and concerts that holds up to 3000, a theatre and various other meeting rooms, etc.

All shots here are the normal recipe of 3-shot HDRs, Photomatix and Photoshop.

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